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Medicare for All is the best way forward to make sure every person in this country can get the healthcare they need. (Read More)


Election Day should be a National Holiday. (Read More)


Climate change is one of the greatest threats facing humanity. We must move swiftly to combat the effects that are threatening our very survival. (Read More)


Teachers should be among our best paid professions and schools should be among our best funded institutions. (Read More)

Social Security

Social Security has kept tens of millions of senior citizens out of poverty for decades. It is time we reinvest and expand this program. (Read More)

Foreign Policy

We must stand up and demand that we stop these endless wars and use our resources to make our lives better. (Read More)


Implementing a Green New Deal will provide tens of thousands of new, well paying jobs, while combating the effects of climate change. (Read More)

Criminal Justice Reform

End the failed war on drugs. Legalize Marijuana. End Mass-Incarceration. (Read More)

Racial Justice

We must put an immediate end to the physical, emotion and environmental violence committed against people of color.

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